Samsung Android Update Policy

Most recent update to Samsung's Android update policy was made in 2022 when the company decided to extend the support of its high-end phones to four major Android versions.

Current situation is somewhat murky, so here is the summary of Samsung's Android update policy.

According to Samsung's policy, company will provide four major Android updates after the phone's release date to these models:

And these models will get three major Android updates after the phone's release to these models:

Besides those devices, it gets bit more tricky..

For everything else, including Galaxy A series tablets, budget-priced Galaxy A series phones, older Galaxy A series mid-range phones, all Galaxy M series phones, all Galaxy F series phones and others, there's no promise. According to Samsung, for those devices, company "will provide the latest Android OS upgrades until the hardware specifications allow to provide the optimized mobile experience". Whatever that means.

Samsung Android 14 updates

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