Android Update Tracker

Android Update Tracker is a community-driven project to keep track when phones will get their Android updates.

Currently the latest officially released Android version is Android 12.

See all phones that should get an Android 12 update

In case you're still waiting your phone to get previous Android, please see the full list of Android 11 updates here.

There's also an official beta/developer preview of Android 13 released. It is not widely available yet, as it is really just a test version. But in case you're curious, see the list of phones that will eventually get Android 13 update.

The list includes the phones that support the current test version and also the phones that are expected to get the final version once it launches.

Latest updates

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho Android 12 released 2022-05-24
Oppo F19s Android 12 released 2022-05-24
Oppo F19 Android 12 released 2022-05-24
Oppo A95 5G Android 12 released 2022-05-24
Oppo A95 Android 12 released 2022-05-24
Nokia X20 Android 13 status updated 2022-05-24
vivo X80 Android 13 promised 2022-05-23
vivo X80 Android 12 released 2022-05-23
Nokia G20 Android 12 released 2022-05-19
OnePlus Nord 2T Android 13 promised 2022-05-18
OnePlus Nord 2T Android 12 released 2022-05-18
Samsung Galaxy A22 Android 12 released 2022-05-18
Nokia G10 Android 12 released 2022-05-17
Asus ROG Phone 3 Android 12 status updated 2022-05-16
Asus Zenfone 7 Pro Android 12 released 2022-05-16
Asus Zenfone 7 Android 12 released 2022-05-16
OnePlus Nord Android 12 released 2022-05-16
Xiaomi Redmi K30i 5G Android 12 released 2022-05-16
Samsung Galaxy M22 Android 12 released 2022-05-16
Realme 9 5G (Europe) Android 13 promised 2022-05-13

Lists for manufacturers' current Android 12 updates