Guide: Update your Motorola's Android version

In most cases, your Motorola phone should inform you if there are new Android updates available for your phone. However, you can also check for new updates manually, following these instructions.

In order to see if there are updates available for your phone, go to your phone's Settings. From there, scroll down to the System and tap on it. Then, navigate to Advanced and tap it. From this screen, select System updates.

If there are updates available, phone will inform about those and will allow you to download and install them.

Please note two specific things: The Android updates are typically very large, so it is strongly advised that you use WiFi rather than mobile network, in case you're not using an unlimited mobile data package. Also, as the firmware update takes quite a long time, you can't use your phone when it is updating. And finally, you should have at least 40 percent charge left in your battery. If your battery dies before the update is complete, it might actually break your phone's operating system pretty badly!

There's no update available? Even if our page lists that there's an update available for your Nokia, it doesn't mean that you can get it. Manufacturers typically release the major updates in slow cycles, meaning that particular country might get the updates sooner than another country. Also, if your Motorola phone is from an operator (i.e. locked one), your operator might be one to blame for slow updates. Operators typically do their own customizations for major Android updates and thus, unlocked phones tend to get updates sooner than operator-specific models do.

Motorola Android 14 updates

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